Let’s end unauthorized surveillance!!! 🙂

Virginia NOW Online

As you are aware, VA NOW is not at all fond of the present surveillance practices and policies of Bush and Obama presidencies. While we are supportive of many of Obama’s policies, this is one we can’t abide. The Day We Fight Back Spy-pusis one of several organizations working to change this situation. VA NOW, as a progressive and feminist political and cultural organization, deplores these policies for many reasons (see our previous post here, click) but mostly because just knowing that you might be / are being watched chills both our imagination and our courage. Without the exercise of these two faculties (we call them freedom in this country) the future cannot be more affirming of human dignity and possibility than the past has been.

That long term effect is a by-product of surveillance, but it is a by-product that makes all those who enjoy the status…

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