Ascendant - Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign is DIFFERENT than your first house. If you have a 29 degrees Pisces ascendant with a stellium of Aires planets in the first house, all your planets in that first house still HAVE to go through that Pisces Ascendant. • The Ascendant and its ruler are always the initial hit!

And what is a stellium? A stellium is a multiple conjunction of planets. It’s a close cluster of three or more planets in one sign and/or house. The planets are clumped together (within 0 to 5 degrees). This puts an energetic emphasis in the sign and house where it is concentrated.

  • A stellium in the natal chart could indicate…
    • a place of personally, intensely focused energy
    • higher passions or life long purposes within that sign/house
    • extreme power, strength, or obsession within the activities of that house
    • laser-like focus on a single area of life