— Virginia NOW supports personal liberty. Va’s gubernatorial candidate does NOT, no, he’s a “natural law” kind of guy.

So, are the people of the state supposed to adjust their sexuality according to the elected governor’s tastes/preferences during their term? Not to be picky but politicians representing the people (not dictators, right?) are going to get back to politics at some point, yes? – Paradise

Virginia NOW Online

Virginia NOW affirms the established right of privacy in any consensual adult relationship without government interference at any level, of any branch, or by any officer. We refuse to return to discriminatory “anti-sodomy” laws of the past concerning so-called “vice” in order to mollify the cultural anxiety of misinformed ultraconservatives.

Virginia NOW asserts that the state and federal governments have no business in our bedrooms, our consenting adult relationships, our reproductive choices, nor in the gender combination or marital status under which we engage in sex or love. A sexually healthy and enjoyable future is part of a progressive agenda. Virginia is, after all, for lovers!

As a leading organization working for women’s rights and equality for all, Virginia NOW opposes Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s misguided campaign to restore Virginia’s regressive “crimes against nature” law.

We demand better protections for our children from sexual predators, and we demand to remain free…

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