Sun:  EXISTENCE.  Spiritual center.  Being and becoming.  Presence.  Heart and core.  Individuality and uniqueness.  Overall vitality and life direction.  Will to succeed.  Consciousness and awareness.  The father and male influences in life.  Role models that we look up to and receive light from.  Authenticity, originality, sense of self, self-image, ego, radiance, acclaim.

Moon:  MATRIX.  Link between spirit and body — soul.  Personality.  Emotional responses.  The unconscious.  Environment out of which we emerge; the past, heredity, family, home, childhood, formative years.  The mother, caregiver, support and women in general.  Children and younger generation.  Surroundings, circumstances, sustenance, support structure.  Sensitivity, receptivity, sympathy.  Cherishing, embracing, enfolding, caring, nurturing, comforting, nursing, feeding.

Earth:  BODY.  Physical existence, incarnation.  Possessions and things in general.  The concept of having and all earthly attachments in general.  Being grounded.  Security, stability, permanence.  What we acquire to support life and identity.  Physical pleasure.  Food.

Mercury:  MIND.  Interactions on a mental level.  Dealing with information.  Intellect, ideas, thought processes and manner in which thoughts are expressed.  Voice, speaking and communication abilities.  Dexterity, versatility, mechanical skills.

Venus:  AFFECTION.  Relating and response.  Capacity for relationship and manner of relating to others in general.  Social appeal and acceptability.  Ability to attract.  Love, romance, peace harmony.  Feminine ideal, women in a man’s chart, female ego in a woman’s chart.  Attitudes toward love, beauty, culture, the aesthetic.  Values and evaluation, appraisal and assessment.  Appreciation, discrimination, good taste, quality.  Attraction, compassion.  The Fine Arts.

Mars:  MOTIVATION.  Action, passion, drive, determination.  Physical energy, stamina, activity in general.  Ability to initiate, differentiate and assert the self.  Males in general.  Masculine ideal, men in a woman’s chart, male ego in a man’s chart.  Competitive nature.  Sexuality.  Force, courage, daring.  Cutting through.  Capacity for anger and aggression.

Ceres:  DUTY.  Capacity for service.  Servants and unequal relationship in general.  Pets.  Skills, techniques for doing things.  Attitudes toward health and fitness.  Usefulness, practical abilities and attention to the mundane details of life.  Guilt, worries, negativity, inferiority.

Jupiter:  FORTUNE.  Prosperity, luck, abundance, excess.  Capacity for enjoyment, generosity.  Capacity for growth and expansion, aspirations.  The way through or on, path, course, quest for knowledge.  Philosophy, religion, justice, ethics, morals.  Continuity and ability to continue.  Pathfinder or lamp through the trails of time.  Long distance travel.

Saturn:  DISCIPLINE.  Giver of laws and rules.  Karma, time and death.  Things of a serious nature, depth.  Ability to organize and structure.  Sense of reality, responsibility, self-discipline, ambition.  Older people and wisdom gained through age and experience.  Social authorities.  Planning and long range goals.  Building a foundation as a base of accomplishment.  Areas of restriction and limitation in life.  Where energy must be focused conserved.  Tests, trials, consequences and lessons in life.  Frustration and limitation.  Obstacles, delays, troubles, worries.  Capacity for patience, endurance, perseverance.

Uranus:  INTUITION.  Breaking through the structures and barriers of Saturn.  Erratic, bizarre, unpredictable areas.  Sudden changes, lack of control.  Capacity for accepting that which goes against the norm.  Unconventionality.  Urge toward freedom and evolution.  Invention, innovation, discovery, breakthroughs, science, technology.  Unusual experiences, originality, genius.  Capacity to revolt, rebel, revolutionize, break free.  Humanity, socialism, utopianism.  Sometimes called the higher octave of Mercury.

Neptune:  EMPATHY.  Breaking down the separation that Saturn creates.  Unity, acceptance, surrender.  Compassion, selflessness, unconditional love.  The intangible and elusive.  Point of contact with the unseen world – inner vision.  Spirituality, psychic energy and grasp of the metaphysical.  Abstract thinking.  Sense of imagination, sensitivity, artistry.  Glamor, mystery, illusion, unreality.  Movies, television, music, fashion.  Escaping the real world through drugs or other additions.  Chemicals in general.  Lack of focus, confusion, weakness.  Rules of the oceans of the Earth.  Sometimes called the higher octave of Venus.

Pluto:  POWER.  Desire to return to and merge with source of ultimate and absolute power.  Attitudes toward power and control and the will to use them; manipulation.  Ability to change, transform, renew.  Ultimate survival, destiny, fate.  Destruction, annihilation.  Atomic power.  Crime, underworld.  Elimination, generation and regeneration, death and rebirth, renewal, recycling.  Sensitivity to the impermanence of life.  Search for truth and underlying causes.  Research, detection.  Self-examination and self-knowledge, insight.  Psychological depth.  Obsession, compulsion, passion, sexual energy.  Sometimes called the higher octave of Mars.