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“If you have awareness, you have choice, and if you have choice, you have freedom.” Suzanna Cole (my aunt, my mentor)


Astrology is simply the study of the effects that the planets have on the person.  Based on the person’s place of birth, the date, and accuracy of time, his or her potentials are expressed.  It gives insights into career, relationships, family, and most importantly, the characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of the individual.

The Zodiac:

The Twelve Houses each have a sign assigned to them with a planet that rules them.  The sun and moon are not really planets, but in astrology they are treated as such.

1st House – Aires – Mars

2nd House – Taurus – Venus or Earth

3rd House – Gemini – Mercury

4th House – Cancer – Moon

5th House – Leo – Sun

6th House – Virgo – Ceres or Mercury

7th House – Libra – Venus

8th House – Scorpio – Pluto

9th House – Sagittarius – Jupiter

10th House – Capricorn – Saturn

11th House – Aquarius – Uranus

12th House – Pisces – Neptune

The Chart:

Ascendant – Appears on the cusp of the first house, occurring at sunrise (6:00 AM).  This position reflects your personality, your “self”.

Midheaven – Reached around noon, (12:00 PM).  How you are to outside world, how you are judged by the outside world, what you have become.

Descendant – Sunset position to the far right of the chart, cusp of the 7th house, representing your relationships.

IC – Lowest point, directly opposite the midheaven, midnight time, cusp of the 4th house, representing home, family, the past, nostalgia.

The Elements, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water:

In the past, Air and Fire have been attributed to men, being masculine traits, leaving Earth and Water to women.  As evolution and time progress, the traits of both become more acceptable to be expressed in both genders.

Air Signs:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Fire Signs:  Aires, Leo, Sagittarius

Water Signs:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Earth Signs:  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air:  Mind’s sensation, abstract ideas, restlessness, expression.

Fire:  Enthusiastic, full of faith, encouraging, a drive to express self.  Passionate.

Water:  Cooling, healing principle of sensitivity.  Feeling response, and empathic abilities.

Earth:  Views world in a realistic light.  Has a practical ability to utilize and improve the material world.

-Authentic Astrology For You

More to come!